USBu-BF-BO-V1AV micro USB 2.0 Type B Female connector breakout board Vertical eLabGuy


  1. Description:

       USBu-BF-BO-V1AV is a simple MicroUSB2.0 Type B female socket breakout board. It brings all 5 pins of a Micro USB2.0 Type B connector to screw terminal blocks and headers for easy testing, prototyping and breadboard connection. For breadboard connections,user can use the two 5pin headers on both sides of the breakout board for a steady connection. 

  1. Features:
  • All 5 pins of Micro USB2.0 Type B female socket brought out to headers and screw terminal blocks
  • Various connecting method chosen by users.
  • 6"(15.24mm)X1.185"(30.1mm)board dimensions
  • 2 mounting holes with 3mm diameter hole size
  1. Parts:
  • 1pc X USBu-BF-BO-V1AV PCB
  • 1pc X MicroUSB Type B Female Socket
  • 1pc X 5pin 1”(2.54mm) spacing terminal block
  • 1pc X 10pin 1”(2.54mm) header