D15HD-M-M-V1A DB15HD VGA Male to Male pass-through adapter


  1. Description:

D15HD-M-M-V1A is a simple DB15HD VGA Male to DB15HD Male pass-through adapter breakout board. It brings all 15 pins of two DB15HD Male connectors to screw terminal blocks and headers for easy testing, prototyping and breadboard connection. All 9 pins of a Male connector directly connect to another Male connector. User can also use the two 8 pins headers on both sides of the breakout board to connect to breadboard or prototype PCB.


  1. Features:
  • All 16 pins (including shield) of two DB15HD Male connectors brought out to headers and screw terminal blocks
  • All 15 pins of a DB15HD Male connector directly connect to another DB15HD Male connector.
  • Various connecting method chosen by users.
  • 4 X 2.0mm mounting holes
  • 57"(40mm)X2.34"(59.4mm) board dimensions


  1. Parts:
  • 1pc X D15-FM-FM-V1A PCB
  • 2pc X DB15HD Male Connector
  • 2pc X 8pin 0.1”(2.54mm) spacing terminal block
  • 1pc X 16pin 0.1”(2.54mm) header
  • 4pcs X4-40UNC diameter 8.3mm long screws