D25-MC-MC-V1A DB25 Printer Port Male to Male crossover adapter breakout board


  1. Description:

D25-MC-MC-V1A is a simple DB25 Male to DB25 Male crossover adapter breakout board. It brings all 9 serial signal pins of two DB25 Male connectors to screw terminal blocks and headers for easy testing, prototyping and breadboard connection. Modem to Modem (DCE to DCE) or Null Modem (DTE to DTE) mode can be selected with two jumpers. User can also use the two 5 pins headers on both sides of the breakout board to connect on breadboard or prototype PCB.


  1. Features:
  • All 10 serial signal pins (including shield) of two DB25 Male connectors brought out to headers and screw terminal blocks
  • Selectable configuration Modem to Modem (DCE to DCE) or Null Modem (DTE to DTE)
  • Various connecting method chosen by users.
  • 4 X 3.0mm mounting holes
  • 09"(53.2mm)X2.17"(55mm) board dimensions


  1. Parts:
  • 1pc X D25-FMC-FMC-V1A PCB
  • 2pc X DB25 Male Connector
  • 2pc X 5pin 0.1”(2.54mm) spacing terminal block
  • 1pc X 14pin 0.1”(2.54mm) header
  • 2pc X 1”(2.54mm) jumper
  • 4pc X 4-40UNC diameter 8.3mm long screws