ASD-V1D LM3914 Audio Spectrum Display/Analyzer UV Meter,Electronic kit eLabGuy

  1. ASD-V1D Description

The ASD-V1D is a simple DIY kit for audio level display. You can cascade a few pieces together to make an audio spectrum display. The circuit is based on the LM3914Dot/Bar Display Driver and uses the LED-RAINBOW bar graph as the display.10-step Dot or Bar display mode is selectable by the user. External audio signals can be connected by 3.5mm audio jacks. Audio signal gain can be adjusted by the operational amplifier with a single potentiometer. This module can be powered by a single 5VUSB power supply - this can be from any PC USB port or any USB power transformer. It works perfectly with most computers, mp3 players, mobile phones or any audio devices with a 3.5mm audio plug


Please visit for specifications and schematic drawing.

Note: This is a DIY (Do It Youself) kit, user needs to solder the parts by yourself.

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