FPC0.5-60PT-BO-V1A-40PIN 0.5mm 40 pin FPC to FPC bridge breakout board


This is a 0.5 pitch FPC pass-through breakout board with two 40-pin FPC connectors included. The 40-pin FPC connectors work on both Top and Bottom contact. All 40 pins of the FPC connector are brought out to the two dual row 0.1" headers. You can solder this board to a standard 0.1" spacing protoboard. 

Board Size: 2.3" (58.42mm) X 1.8" (45.72mm)


  • 1pcFPC0.5-60PT-BO-V1A PCB
  • 2pc X 40-pin 0.5mm pitch FPC TOP+BOTTOM contact connector

(Note: The FPC connectors are not soldered)