DP-F-BO-V1AC, Displayport Female connector Breakout Board


  1. Description:

DP-F-BO-V1AC is a simple Displayport Female socket breakout board. It brings all 20 pins of a Displayport Female socket to headers for easy testing and prototyping.


  1. Features:
  • All 20 pins of a Displayport Female Socket brought out to headers.
  • 2 mounting holes with 3mm diameter hole size
  • 06"(27mm)X0.79"(20mm) board dimensions


  1. Parts:
  • 1pc X DP-F-BO-V1AC PCB
  • 1pc X Displayport Female socket
  • 1pc X 10X2pin 0.1”(2.54mm) header

    (Note: the module is not assembled, user can decide which connector to use on the module.)