uSD-BO-V2A MicroSD Transflash Breakout Board

  1. Description:

uSD-BO-V2A is a simple microSD socket breakout board. It brings all 9 pins (includes a card detect pin) of a microSD connector to standard 0.1”(2.54mm)headers for testing, prototyping and breadboard connection. The card detect LED turns on when there is a microSD card inserted. For breadboard connections, user can use the 9pin header on the bottom for a sideways connection. User can also use the two 5pin headers on both sides of the breakout board to connect to the front end of the breadboard for a steady connection. This module is great for LCD photo frame, MP3, data logger and more other projects.

  1. Features:
  • All 9 pins (including insert detect) of a microSD socket brought out to headers and screw terminal blocks
  • Card insert pin tie to a pull up resistor
  • Card detect LED turns on when card is inserted.
  • Various connecting method chosen by users.
  • 0.9”(22.86mm) X 0.8”(20.32mm) board dimensions
  1. Parts:
  • 1pc X uSD-B0-V2A PCBA
  • 1pc X 10pin 0.1”(2.54mm) header